No More Manic Mondays…Managing the Madness of Home, Work and Everything in Between

I can’t believe that I’ve become one of the people that says, “I have a blog.”  Really, I have never been in the world of blogs and never thought of myself as a writer and definitely not a blogger.  Yet, somehow, here I am…on a blog.  Actually just to ease myself into this world, I’m calling it a website for now in my head and when I talk about it to the 3 people I think might care.  (Well, the 2 people I think might care and my husband who is sweet enough to listen and smart enough at this point in our marriage to know he should just nod and just go with it.)

This “website” has been a dream of mine for over two years.   I have a passion (or neurosis if you want to get technical or ask family members) for organization.  I LOVE for things to have a place, to be clean, to have order and to be just so.  I find comfort in organized life.  Recently, I’ve found that I also really enjoy sharing my ideas about how to be organized with other people.  I began to teach classes about organization in ministry settings (my professional world) while also lending a hand to some friends’ in their personal lives.  I started giving tips in meal planning, closet organizing, to do list management, etc.  And I found out that I might not just be crazy (okay, well I am) but maybe my crazy could actually help someone else feel less crazy or at least focus your crazy somewhere else. And so, I thought, why don’t I start that bl…I mean website after all and see how it goes?  If I share one tip from my neurotic world that helps one mom, one minister, one person looking for a better way to manage the insanity around them then it was worth the time and effort.

One more thing, I want to make it clear that I do not think I have all the answers.  Nor do I have a spotless house at all times, laundry that is always caught up, Pinterest worthy dinners every night, to do lists that are always completed, etc.  I have been asked before to share ideas with other moms about how “I do it all.” My simple answer to that is I don’t.  I never did and never will.   I, too, get overwhelmed and stressed, I constantly fight the battle with mommy guilt, I worry about being a better spouse, I struggle on a daily basis with balancing a career to which God has called me and my family to whom I’m called.

I promise to be practical.  I promise to be real.  I promise to share in hopes that there’s just one tidbit that might make the manic Mondays, or any other days, of your life a little less crazy.

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