A Good Party? Yes, Please!

A Good Party? Yes, Please!

About a year ago a few friends and I formed a book club.  We began doing the traditional book club “thing” – meeting once a month at a different member’s home, reading a different book picked by that month’s host and discussing what we thought of the book.  At our first gathering, the host started the tradition of connecting one of the food themes of that month’s book to the food served at that night’s book club meeting.  As a person who LOVES to host parties and LOVES a good theme party even more this was right up my alley!  I’ve hosted twice so far.  The first book was a great, quick beachy kind of read. (I’ll write about it when it’s a bit warmer.)  It had lots of food to pick from and was really fun to put together.  But, the book club meeting I recently hosted was based on Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the book!  It was funny, honest and a great read.  But the only things she talks about consuming are bad Chinese take-out and illegal drugs – and neither of those is appropriate at a party I’m hosting! So I had to get really creative with this one!

I decided to get inspiration from movies and television shows that Amy has starred in rather than pulling from her book directly.  That gave me way more to work with (and a reason to watch way too many YouTube videos of old SNL clips!)

So without further adieu, the Amy Poehler themed Book Club Party:

Chicky Chicky Parm Parm Bites (aka Chicken Parmesan Bites) 

From Parks and Recreation

Photo Jan 18, 7 31 28 PM

Find the recipe here.

Sidenote: These are delicious, super easy, quick to make and very kid friendly!

Chicken and Vege Egg Rolls (aka Chinese Take Out)

From Yes, Please

 Photo Jan 18, 7 31 35 PM

Vegetable Tray (aka Food That Looks “Weird and Healthy”)

From Baby Mama

Photo Jan 18, 7 27 55 PM Photo Jan 18, 7 27 45 PM

Rock Candy (aka Ice)

From Blades of Glory

Photo Jan 18, 7 27 33 PM

Find the recipe here.

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