Shower Them with Lov…Practical!

Shower Them with Lov…Practical!

A Basket of Practical Gifts for Every Mom-to-Be

Oh, baby!  No, I’m not pregnant, just to cover that one.  And while we’re discussing this, no, I will not answer the question about whether we’re going to have any more children.  If we do, I promise we won’t hide the child from the world forever so no worries, you’ll know.  Now that we’ve covered that awkwardness, back to babies!  You are probably like me in that you know someone that is pregnant (I feel like I am surrounded by preggos right now!)  And pregnant people mean one thing – baby showers!

Now, before those of you who don’t have kids roll your eyes and stop reading because it’s just another post about babies and showers and blah, blah, blah…I encourage you to read on because this is about what to buy for these showers – for real!

Before I had a kid I was the one who oohed and ahhed over the cute outfits and spent way too much money on clothes that were not practical or toys that made no actual sense for a child until they were 2 years old.  Then, I had a baby and I finally got it.  The next time I went shopping for a baby shower, I ditched the registry list and bought the stuff that I wish someone had told me I needed to have on hand.

(Now, a quick note that if you don’t use this recommendation of items I recommend buying off the registry.  It’s annoying when you’ve worked hard on making a list of things you need and then you get random stuff that doesn’t go with the theme of the nursery or you get a million of one thing.  Plus it means that the mother to be has to make another waddling trip into an overcrowded store with swollen ankles to return or exchange stuff.  Don’t be that person!)

Now my go to baby shower gift is a basket filled with the following items:

Photo Mar 01, 8 40 58 PM

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